Reflective Heart

Reflective Heart:
Between you and I there is a reflection
A connection and a dream.

This dream takes form as we drop into the body, bones and beat together.
Moving to the Let’s get real rhythm, we create a space of trust as we investigate the layers of ourselves in motion. These bodies are more than transportation for a chattering mind. This is home.
This is where we mine the depths to reveal our wisdom, find our freedom and pause to savor the moment.
These are the golden booty of our excavation. On the dance floor I and We explore new ways to move, stepping into uncharted territories together. It’s the adventure of life. Can we meet this adventure with a curious mind and an open heart? If there is a call or even a whisper of curiosity to meet on the dance
floor follow that cue. Your body is speaking.

Cassie has been practicing a variety of movement modalities for the last 11 years. 5Rhythms, SoulMotion, Bdanced and Dance Meditation have offered her a broad color pallet and range of experiences for her inspiration on the dance floor. She has been teaching weekly movement classes and workshops in Asheville, NC and beyond for 11 years.

Please bring water and layers to keep yourselves well.

Durham, NC November 12 11-3 PM

$45 Until October 15, 2017
$75 there after

Asheville, NC November 17 & 18, 2017

Friday night $25  Saturday $65 Until October 15,2017

Friday $35 Saturday $90 after October 15

elementsmove(at )

Coalescence: With Cassie April 14 &15 Asheville, NC 2017


The drawing together of two or more elements to form unity.
The modern world asks much of us in the pursuit of independence and stability. As individuals we stand on our own two feet feeling the weight of responsibility for ourselves. Yet, In the dance we learn to welcome a truth of how we are unique in our unity and empowered in our commonality. Conscious movement generates connection; we are moving together always, this is an unshakable fact. In the dance we learn to welcome this truth, trusting us as we reach to the edge. Can we follow this invitation of the body into an expansive heart?


Asheville, NC
Location TBD
Working out details for this event. Please contact me via email so I can keep you up to date.
elementsmove (at)


Illumination: A movement workshop with Cassie Brizzi

Illumination: To offer light, radiance, or shine.
How does your body receive the idea of you as a radiant human. Are you burning brightly from with in or do you feel there is room to move into a greater lightness of being and loving?
We change constantly like the cycles of the moon; moving from light to darkness and back again in this spiral of life. When we open up to the mysteries in the dance we break down the walls and let our love radiate. The full moon 
brings an opportunity to move into our depths and unveil our shadows. We dance to shed and we dance to shine. It is our true nature that peeks through like the moon on an overcast night. It is our unique and truly authentic body of work that illuminates us all.Illumination is a gently guided workshop that allows space for freedom of expression and an invitation to try on what may be new for you on the dance floor. We will conclude our journey with Yoga Nidra with Milena Hayes. This is a space of integration while we are holding the collective field together.Feb 14, 2014 (Valentines Evening)
HomeMade in America 125 S.Lexington Ave Asheville, NC
Time 6-9:30
Price $33, $44, $55
Please RSVP

Body Prayer with Amara Pagano Atlanta, GA May 16-18 2014

Body Prayer:
Our body is a direct gateway to our center. We have in each moment a pathway that leads us home Home to a centered and grounded presence that comes from fully inhabiting every cell of our body. This is the way of Body Prayer, the practice of being, being centered in ourselves, rooted in mystery, and grounded in the moment. From here life opens up. What needs to come through us finds ultimate flow. Our power is realized and our ability to express who and what we are comes into form. The dance is the vehicle, the 5Rhythms and Azul the map, our willingness the fuel.
More about Amara
Where: Portfolio Center 125 Bennett St Atlanta 30309
When: May 16-18 2014
Times: Fri 7-10 Sat 11-5  Sun 11-5
Cost: $195 $225 Late reg in effect April 15
Contact: Online registration


Friday – Sunday: Late Registration April 15 and after: $225*

Cassie Brizzi
* fee added for online/web payment

Spiral Spirit Movement: March 7&8 Sarasota FL.

Seek the love of embodiment and find the embodiment of love

The movement of the body is one of our greatest gifts. With the movement of our hips, expanded hearts and emptying of heads we are offered vast territory to explore our inner landscape. We have the choice to open ourselves in the dance and move into the greatness we are here to be.
Our bodies in motion give us permission to ask the big questions and truly listen. We can align with a larger truth beyond our stories if we are willing to let them go. This dance is about allowing true freedom and cultivating love. Love of the body. love of the self and love of others.
The spiral of music will ask us to follow, while the breath of our being will ask us to lead. It is between the outward and inward investigation where we find our true selves.
Cassie has been practicing a variety of different movement modalities for the last 9 years in Asheville, NC and many other dance communities. 5 Rhythms, SoulMotion, and Dance Meditation have offered her a broad color pallet and range of experiences for her inspiration on the dance floor. Cassie offers great compassion and generosity while holding a strong space for everyone’s experience. All ages are welcome. No dance experience necessary, just your curiosity and willingness.

“I have been involved in this type of practice for many years, and Cassie truly understands the purpose of this practice: to provide a safe, non-judgmental space for people to explore their inner experiences through movement.” Eric Aufdencamp

March 7 & 8, 2014
Friday 7-9 $25/$35 at door
Saturday 1- 4:30 $50/$65 at door
$65 Both days if registered by March 1


Alchemy: 5Rhythms Dance Workshop With Visudha de los Santos Feb 21-23,2014

Alchemy: Feb 21-23 2014
People of all cultures have moved & danced from the beginning of time to cry and pray for visions. Through these ways they received understanding, direction, and moments of grace. They remembered, and lived both the sacredness and the connection to all living things.
Dance, Music, and Ritual speak to the soul and bridge body, heart and mind. We will offer our physical beings to space and motion, seek out wisdom from within, and create real and direct connections to the beyond, with ancestral and spirit beings. In this quest the soul transcends the profane human experience and expands one’s capacity for true connection, authentic love, and ecstatic experience.
To see more about Visudha please visit
To Register Please contact
Cassie Brizzi
Friday only Drop in 7-10 PM $30
Friday-Saturday $166 Early registration until Jan 30,2014
Late registration $199

  Friday – Saturday: Early Registration before Jan. 30: $166

Friday – Saturday: Late Registration after Jan. 30: $199

Homewood 19 Zillicoa st Asheville, NC 28801


Shape Shifter 5 Rhythms with Kate Shela Nov 7-10, 2013

Shape Shifter 5 Rhythms with Kate Shela

In lyrical we realize that we have the freedom to keep shape shifting energies so as never to get stuck in any one possibility and know that all possibilities are available to us at all times. Indeed lyrical is the rhythm of the soul and the soul is a shape shifter by nature.”  Gabrielle Roth

We dance into Lyrical to empty out and to get to the place where clear vision comes, where instinct, intimacy and intuition create the zone of the seer.  When we are free from the restrictions of our tiny critical minds, when we are unburdened by the weight we carry in our muscles, we open to our potential of connecting with the whole. In SHAPE SHIFTER we will quest for fluidity, so as to move between the worlds of the mundane and the magical, to move between our ego and our humility and enter the zone of inter-connection.  Moving through the landscapes of the 5 Rhythms map, we will dance long and deep to finally arrive in the exquisite space of the artist in motion, where self realization will lead you forward.

Created by Gabrielle Roth, the 5 Rhythms is a philosophy, perspective, performance art and a dynamic movement practice rooted in the principle that if you put the psyche in motion it will heal itself. Movement is both the medicine and the metaphor, reaching across all languages and age groups to transform suffering into art, art into awareness and awareness into action.

In Flowing we become rooted in the feminine, in Staccato we investigate the masculine, In Chaos we explore how they integrate within us, in Lyrical we realize we are works of art in process and in stillness we seek the emptiness within us.

For More information:

Thursday Night drop in only $35 – Pay at the Door

Reserve Your Place Now Using PayPal:

Early Registration (Before Oct. 7) Prices:


Thursday – Sunday $242

Friday – Sunday $207


Late Registration prices after October 7,2013

Thursday – Sunday $282

Friday – Sunday $242


Asheville Event and Dance Centre
291 Sweeten Creek Rd  Asheville, NC 28803

To Register Contact
Cassie Brizzi
PO Box 8 N. Truro, MA 02652 Or on line at
828 545 3955

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Dancing Through The Veil: with Cassie Brizzi Knoxville, TN. Fall 2013

Spiral Spirit Dance presents

Dancing Through The Veil

This is an invitation to move into the mystery through the body. With movement we cultivate the place to listen to the pauses in between. This is where we feel our intuition and intention. Combined they guide and encourage us toward what we wish to create in our lives. Opening this space for ourselves, we invite more spaciousness for others. Collectively we investigate the breath of the pause in between our heartbeats. We feel ourselves as we arrive to each moment. As we explore the still point we find there is action. How do we initiate movement from this rich and fertile soil? We can feel the mystery embrace us, supporting us, as we move forward more fully into who we are meant to be.

Fall 2013 

Please contact me with questions and registration.

Cassie Brizzi

828 545 3955

Register below using my secure PayPal links:

 $35.00 – Early Registration Before May 7th…

$50.00 – Late Registration After May 7th…

The Shift: 5Rhythms and Gong Meditation with Visudha de los Santos Feb 1-3, 2013

The Shift: With Visudha de los Santos Feb 1-3, 2013

Moving With Life Consciously. Life is exciting! We do and accomplish so much, so that we can live the life of our dreams. But are we really? Do you know? The entire universe stands on tip toe happily waiting to assist you in miraculous and amazing ways to manifest your dreams and intentions. Using the amazing strength and power of your internal landscape, the 5Rhythms movement meditation, a trans-formative Gong Journey, and the mystery of the unknown and the present moment, we explore how the rhythm of Lyrical can assist the life of our dreams.  Using curiosity and gratitude, we will review where we’ve been, and more importantly be purposeful about where we are going.  Through honoring what was, we can then step fully with what is. As we clarify and strengthen our intentions, and add purposeful action, our receptivity to the great gifts of the universe opens as the bud of a flower.

Studio 308

308 Merrimon

Asheville, NC 28801

Price: $151 Until January 3, 2013

$173 Thereafter